Big Dave Show | Jesse & Anna

Big Dave AND Jesse Tack each had their identities stolen this week!

Jesse talked to the Big Dave Show this morning about the fake-post below and Dave shared that his identity was misused this week as well!

First, it was Jesse with this post that a B-105 listener took a screenshot of on Facebook. The only truth to this post is the picture of Jesse and his twin brother Joey, which is from 2012. The story, headline, and everything else is false. None of it is true. Awful. Jesse and his twin are both fine and doing well, for the record. 🙂

Then, Big Dave was alerted by a different listener that someone had created a fake TikTok account using his name and (almost) the same username. When that listener followed the fake account on accident, they received this message from the person running it:

Be careful and just remember not to believe everything you see online!