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B105.1 Homeroom Heroes 11/5/20

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Nominate an awesome teacher and they could receive $1,000!

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—their extensive work and impact moves us beyond words. It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our Tri-State’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives!

That’s why we’re bringing you B-105’s Homeroom Heroes thanks to Skyline ChiliCinfed Credit UnionWatson’s and the Ohio Lottery!

Parents and students: Nominate your favorite teacher below, and tell us why they deserve to be a Homeroom Hero. Whether they’re in person or doing the virtual thing, every week, B-105 will highlight three teachers on air. Follow B on Facebook for teacher spotlights as well! B-105 will randomly choose one teacher to win the grand prize—$1,000 cash plus a $200 Skyline gift card!

Click Here To Nominate A Teacher 

The contest closes November 20, 2020, at 11:59pm!

Susan Stewart Nominated Steve Doran


Mr. Doran teaches 7th and 8th grade Science at Immaculate Heart of Mary

"Mr. Doran, during quarantine, visited EVERY single one of his students with his very young family, to check on them.  
He lives on the West side of Cincinnati and teaches on the East side.  This took multiple days and many hours.  
He cares deeply for all of his students.  He helped the students celebrate things that were missed during quarantine.  
In my family’s case, it’s a huge tradition in 7th grade to have Pig Day.  
He made sure that the 7th graders, who missed Pig Day, got to celebrate as 8th graders.  
For the 8th graders that graduated during quarantine, he made sure they had graduation.  
He’s an amazing teacher!"

Stephanni Schweitzer Nominated Heidi Weber


Ms. Weber teaches 3rd grade in Loveland

“Ms. Weber is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic teachers I know! She works WAY more than just “school hours” — preparing, making videos, recordings, presentations, answering emails, etc. She adores her students and regularly meets virtually with each student individually. Nothing about teaching is ever easy, but adding COVID to the mix just makes it surreal. She says it’s like “learning to fly a plane, while in the air, and building the plane as you go.”  Her students, parents, friends and hubby (Bill) all love her and most certainly believe she
deserves to be recognized for her ongoing commitment and dedication! Thank you!”

Jessica Rollins Nominated Sarah Baker-Dykes


Ms. Baker-Dykes Teaches 3rd grade at Ridgeway El.

"Sarah helped our son tremendously when he was in 3rd grade. 
Our son is now in 8th grade and he still talks about her. 
Sarah was one of very few teachers he had who took the time to try to understand our son and the challenges 
he had. She never made him feel small or incapable of anything. 
She encouraged his passions and the good choices he was making. 
She has been someone who our son has remembered and thought about as he’s moved on. 
Her compassion for our son and our family can never be forgotten. 
On top of all this,  she is a wonderful mom and wife of a fireman! 
Sarah is definitely a super hero with all of that!!"