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B-105 Homeroom Heroes 10/8/20

Teachers all

This week, B-105’s Homeroom Heroes are Cathy Stautberg from Taylor High School, Kennedy Jones At Eastview Elementary & Mrs. Diane Schmitz at Monfort Heights Elementary.

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Aimee Cordrey Nominated Cathy Stautberg from Taylor High School.


We talked with Aimee and try not to cry while she tells her story:

Ms. Stautberg teaches 9th grade English, here is what Aimee wrote:

"My son Nick had Ms. Stautberg last year as a freshman for English. 
Somehow she managed to make a boy who was  interested in soccer, history, 
politics, and geography enjoy English class. She had him reading novels! 
That is a magical act in and if itself! 
However, it's what Ms. Stautberg did this summer that makes her an awesome teacher and human being. 
Our Nick died unexpectedly in early June from a brain aneurysm. It was sudden. 
He wasn't sick. He was a typical 15 year old boy, hoping quarantine would soon end 
so he could hang out with friends, okay soccer, and enjoy summer. 
In late June, Ms. Stautberg contacted me via email. She had something for our family. 
We agreed upon a time for her to stop by our home. S
he brought a beautiful binder filled with all of Nick's writings from her class. 
You know, a teenage boy never shared such things. 
It was very personal - a poem about his name, highlights of life 
(like who's been helpful to him in life, favorite childhood memory, a mistake he made, a time he felt sheer joy). 
She also included her own writing about him, and included our dog (because she knew how much Nick loved him!) 
and she added some writings of Nick's fellow students. 
She went out if her way to get them IN THE SUMMER to write about Nick 
for us. Ms. Stautberg gave us something that we will treasure forever. 
Not only is she amazing in the classroom, but outside as well. 
We will forever be thankful for her teaching our son."  

Grace Williams Nominated Kennedy Jones At Eastview Elementary

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Ms. Jones teaches 4th grade, here is what Grace wrote:

Ms. Jones is a very uplifting and helpful person and teacher for students of all ages. 
She works very hard and make sure to help the kids learn in their individual ways. 
She is dedicated to everything that she does including going to school 
and teaching at the same time. She does her best to make the assignments fun in 
order for the students to remember what they are learning and also enjoy school. 
For many kids, enjoying school is a challenge but Kennedy does her best to make sure 
every student leaves her room happy and safe. She gives the kids the opportunity to 
express their individual selves and through Covid she makes sure the kids 
interact with each other while being socially distanced. 
This job has been a dream of hers for many years and she was so excited to start teaching. 
As stated every day after work “I have the best job in the world, and I couldn’t imagine 
not having these young minds to bring me joy and happiness” 
 says Kennedy. Unlike many stricter teachers, Kennedy just wants to 
make the best out of the kids days because she says “you never know what kind of home life 
these children have, so I want to do my best to make their day at school a very safe, 
comfortable, and the most enjoyable that I can.” 

Sarah Klaine Nominated Mrs. Diane Schmitz at Monfort Heights Elementary

Ms. Schmitz teaches 5th grade virtual class, Here is what Sarah wrote:

"Mrs Schmitz is a wonderful teacher!  
She keeps the class engaged and ready to learn even though everyone is at home!   
She has found way for the kids to share their lives with her and with each other.
For example we can take flat Mrs Schmitz everywhere we go!   
She has started visiting each student at home and safely dropping off a sweet gift!   
She is so thoughtful and we couldn’t be happier to have her!"