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B-105 He Or She, What Will Baby Be? The Hardy’s Explosive Baby Reveal


After many struggles, Josh & Cashmere Hardy finally have a baby on the way.  They won our first round of “B-105 He Or She, What Will Baby Be?”

What Josh originally wrote:

My wife is my hero, We have been married 9 years and have been trying for the last 6years to have our first child. We have been through 6 miscarriages and endless attempts to conceive. But happy to announce we have made it to our 17th week of pregnancy with no issues. The baby is due in January. It has been a long road and a big financial burden on us. We recently sold our house to pay off all the debt so we could start off fresh to give this baby a great life. This would be a great surprise…

Well, StattMan went to the party and it was a blast! Watch the video blow to see What will baby be?

Special thanks to @StorkvisionNorthernKentucky 

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