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B-105 Good Vibes: She’s Spending Her Vacation Picking Up Trash

Trash Pick Up Girl

The 24-year-old Colorado woman is spending her time off from work traveling the U.S. and picking up litter from cities, national parks and wherever else she finds it. Stefani Shamrowicz spent her vacation crossing US cleaning up trash and naming the bags.



“I started incorporating picking up litter on my daily walks with my dog, and this is an opportunity for me to extend that impact to a national level and involve others in it as well,”

She’s been chronicling her journey on Instagram, posting from New York City and Ohio, when she collected her 100th bag of trash. Seven days before that, she was in Kentucky.

She said she’s collected 125 bags total, adding up to more than 1,600 gallons of trash. And still going.

“I’m not going to be able to pick up everything, but if everyone starts picking up some on walks or runs, that’s where the magic is,”