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B-105 Good Vibes: Paying It Forward One Birthday Cake At A Time


An anonymous woman, who lost her son a few years ago, spread some love by paying for another mother’s birthday cake she was picking up for her son’s birthday.

On Thursday, Melanie Andrews Pitts went to pick up the birthday cake she had preordered for her son Graham’s 18th birthday.

She learned the cake from the Publix at Fleming Island Shopping Center had already been paid for.

“I am completely overwhelmed by what happened this afternoon at the Publix bakery,” Pitts said in a Facebook post. “I was there to pick up a birthday cake that I ordered for my son’s 18th birthday and the lady behind the counter explained to me that the cake had been paid for and that the card on the box would explain.”

The note left with the birthday cake read: “Hello. Today is my son’s 36th birthday. It is his 4th in Heaven. I wanted to honor and remember him by paying it forward. I paid for your loved one’s birthday cake. It’s my hope that you will forget about all the crazy little details of having a party and enjoy celebrating your loved one’s life. Take tons of pictures and videos and enjoy every moment of today. May you make tons of precious memories to remember for a lifetime. God Bless You and Yours, James’ mom.”