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B-105 Good Vibes: Local Students Get Air Jordan’s For Teacher


NKY students surprise teacher with shoes he’s admired since he was a teen



Kyle Holbrook walked the hallways at Conner High School Friday with a bit more swagger. He doesn’t need much more confidence because students Jadyn Sandeen and Griffin Morris claim he’s one of the best.

“If you ask me, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. Anyone that has his class would agree with me on that,” Sandeen said.

“Mr. Holbrook, obviously he’s a great teacher. This is why we would do this, but he’s also a friend,” Morris said.

Both are students in Holbrook’s AP U.S. history class. To get the conversation going, every class starts with a fun question of the day.

“I think we were talking about shoes one day, and Mr. Holbrook said he had never had a pair of Jordans, but always wanted a pair,” Morris said.

Since eighth grade, the teacher has admired the iconic shoes.

“Just — there’s something about them. The style, the popularity that comes with it, even though I don’t strive for that,” Holbrook said.

Little did Holbrook know, Morris, Sandeen and their entire class had a master plan.

“He said his number ones were Air Jordan Space Jam 11s,” Morris said.

In just a week, they collectively pulled together nearly $400. On the day of their final AP exam, they handed their favorite teacher a box. He pulled out the shoe he’s dreamed of owning since he was a teen.

“Yes, it was a great surprise, but it just gives you an idea of how caring they are and thinking of beyond themselves as young adults,” Holbrook said.

“Just seeing him think it was going to be like a regular gift that students sometimes get their teachers and then and then opening the box and actually seeing the Jordan shoe box and being all surprised and confused,” Morris said.