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B-105 Good Vibes: Janitor Dreamed Of Teaching, Years Later The Dream Came True


Once a Janitor at the School, Now She’s Their Beloved Teacher



Wanda Smith always wanted to be a school teacher but sometimes meeting life’s demanding realities can mean a dream deferred.

A mother of three, Smith also cared for her mom. Squarely shouldering her family responsibilities, she took jobs as bus monitor and custodian for Brenham Independent School District in Texas.

At age 37, with the support and encouragement of her husband, she added night classes to her schedule.

Nine years on, she finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University. She was a certified teacher at last.

Smith’s story came full circle when she was hired as a first-grade teacher back at Brenham Elementary School. Unfortunately, her mom and beloved sisters didn’t live to see her accomplishment, but she knows they would have been proud of her.

“When I stand in front of my classroom—my classroom—I am living my dream,” Smith said