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B-105 Good Vibes: Explosion Of Giggles! 2 New Young Friends Finally Meet In Person

Little Girls Meet

New Young Friends Meet For First Time In Person And It Was Epic!

Julia, an Ober Elementary School first-grader in Las Vegas, has spent the past six months getting to know her new bestie, Luna, through video chat. And because of Covid, the two girls haven’t been able to have playdates like they normally would. But as Julia’s birthday drew near, her mom Lisa began scheming. She planned out a wonderful surprise and set up a fun first meeting for the first-grade duo.“Luna knew, but Julia did not know,” Lisa said. “We were walking down the pathway here and she saw Luna and was so excited.”

Captured on video, the moment the two girls saw each other, they exploded into giggles and excitement. They ran toward each other and finally got to receive the hug they’d been waiting for!

“I thought it was really exciting and like, oh my gosh! I get to see Luna for the first time!” Julia said later.