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B-105 Good Vibes: Dad Wrote 690 Positive Notes For Daughter’s Lunches

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Chris Yandle started “Dad Lunch Notes” to try and motivate his daughter, Addison.



Yandle wrote the first note on Aug. 14, 2017. Addison was going to the fourth grade at a new school — her fourth school in just five years.

The family moved around often and Yandle admitted it was tough for his daughter. So, he wanted to ease her anxiety.

“I scribbled a note on her sandwich bag, put it in her lunch box. I shared it on Twitter and Instagram, not thinking anything of it. I just thought it’d be a project for a few days, but I started noticing parent friends of mine liking it,” he said.

One note turned into more than 690 notes, over four years. It also turned into a book titled ‘Lucky Enough.’ It’s filled with a year of encouraging words and life lessons.