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B-105 Good Vibes: Dad Channel For Kids Without A Father


Rob Kenney launched a how-to YouTube channel to help those without dads. Rob Kenney has become a father figure to over 2 million subscribers, thanks to his YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” Kenney’s channel tackles “practical ‘Dadvise’ for everyday tasks.”

Father of two Rob Kenney didn’t have an easy childhood. Growing up in Bellevue, WA, in the 1970s, Rob learned that his father was walking out on his parental responsibilities when he was just a teenager.

Once he became a dad, Rob knew he needed to get creative when it came to helping those children growing up without a parent. Because of his experience, over the last month, he’s been giving back to the community through his YouTube channel, “Dad, how do I?,” which provides kids and teens with “useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.”

Here is an example of one of the how-to videos: