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B-105.1 Homeroom Heroes 11/19/20 – Today’s Headlines & More


Nominate an awesome teacher and they could receive $1,000!

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—their extensive work and impact moves us beyond words. It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our Tri-State’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives!

That’s why we’re bringing you B-105’s Homeroom Heroes thanks to Skyline ChiliCinfed Credit UnionWatson’s and the Ohio Lottery!

Parents and students: Nominate your favorite teacher below, and tell us why they deserve to be a Homeroom Hero. Whether they’re in person or doing the virtual thing, every week, B-105 will highlight three teachers on air. Follow B on Facebook for teacher spotlights as well! B-105 will randomly choose one teacher to win the grand prize—$1,000 cash plus a $200 Skyline gift card! Click Here To Nominate A Teacher.

The contest closes November 20, 2020, at 11:59pm!

Katie McQueary Nominated Lori Vail


Ms. Vail Teaches English At Fairfield High School

"Lori has a way of bringing  her English class to life.  She single handedly orchestrated teachers acting out Macbeth via 
zoom.  Students will be able to witness some of their favorite teachers acting on screen.  Lori is the most selfless 
person that I know.  She puts everyone else before herself.  She knows how to cheer you up if you are having a 
bad day or will listen to you if you need someone to talk to."  

Kea Peters Nominated Kristin Reed


Ms. Reed Teaches 1st Grade At North College Hill Elementary

"Ms. Reed is a blessing to my son Jasper, She has shown so much compassion towards him. 
My son is adopted and in his short life he has dealt with some major issues and she has taken him 
under her wings and helping him in every way she can. She has helped me with some services outside of school, 
emailed several people for help on her own time. Jasper absolutely loves her. He gives he so many compliments. 
He has even told her she needed to take a vacation because she works so hard. 
Not to many teachers will go above and beyond like she has. I feel she deserves recognition for it."

Kay Gray Nominated Ms. Jodi Davidson


Ms. Davidson Is A 2nd Grade Teacher At Orion Academy

"This young woman is an awesome teacher. When she was a little girl and we'd travel or go 
visit people she would pack 2 or 3 bags of stuff to bring with her. My husband would ask 
"why does she need all this stuff"? She would cry and say "I need this stuff because it's 
my teacher stuff"..."I'm gonna be a teacher when I grow up".She is now a second grade teacher.
.a very dedicated 2nd grade teacher. This young woman sings heart and soul into her students 
and classroom. Her classroom and teaching techniques are talked about throughout her school.
She has always had a theme in her classroom so to make her students feel welcome..she would 
change it up every year....her first year being "Sparkle and Shine". 
She now has had a more Farm House Style in her classroom and every inch of her décor is 
thought of her children all the way. She is hands on with all her students, 
she's very stern when she needs to be and always tells her students that she loves them and 
would give them a hug before they left at the end of the day. She puts at least 80 percent of 
her money back into her classroom for her students. She is now working on supplying turkeys for 
some of these students and their families who will or may not have a Thanksgiving dinner....
this is where I come along and also help her out....also, during the holidays she always puts 
a gift bag together for all her students every year because these children may not always 
get/ or do Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc. (Before COIVID-19). She wants these children to 
have or experience the feeling of receiving a gift bag or stocking that they may not have 
had the opportunity to do...I have helped support her in every way that she has needed but 
this past year she has done it all herself......She says mom.."The look on these kids 
faces".....and the feeling in her heart for the fact that she did it her self. 
Together we have cried over each and every student she has had..I used to come in and visit 
her and her classroom a few times a month but since COVID-19 this is not allowed anymore. 
She is the one who isn't afraid to dress up on the Spirit themes days they have at school to 
make it fun for her students, while she has just as much fun. She is always googling hands on 
learning games that her kids can do in her classroom to help them learn. This year COVID-19 
has been a struggle for her because she loves the hands on teaching with all her students 
and with COVID it has caused her to worry about all her students...some more than others...
worrying about them being hungry etc. When COVID first happened she made school packets with 
each child's name on each packet and put paperwork together that she spent days and lots 
of hours putting this together for all her students and hand delivered each one of them to their
 homes (she told another young teacher what she was doing so this teacher did the 
same for her students (she said prob not as elaborate as Jodi did but somewhat). They decided 
to ride together to make their deliveries.. Though, Jodi said it might have been against 
protocol...but she kept her distance and got just about everyone of her packets that she 
made for each student delivered. This is just the tip of the iceberg what this teacher 
does for her students. Just call the school and talk to her Principal Mrs. Smith, her Dean or 
any other teacher at Orion Academy.....they will tell you the love she has for teaching her 
students. Her classroom is the place that kids come to when they are thrown out of 
their own classroom for their behavior. This young woman was born to be a teacher and 
she has touched so many young lives already in her 5 years of teaching. I am her mother
 and she has taught me so much in her 5 years of teaching just by visiting with her in her 
classroom and in our mother-daughter talks and listening to her when she wants to talk about 
her classroom for the day. She has a heart of gold w en it comes to teaching her students. 
The picture I am submitting is a picture of her from Spirit Day at School where she is dressed 
up as someone famous so she chose "Madonna".

We talked with Kay Gray about her daughter.