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B-105.1 Homeroom Heroes 10/29/20

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Nominate an awesome teacher and they could receive $1,000!

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—their extensive work and impact moves us beyond words. It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our Tri-State’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives!

That’s why we’re bringing you B-105’s Homeroom Heroes thanks to Skyline ChiliCinfed Credit UnionWatson’s and the Ohio Lottery!

Parents and students: Nominate your favorite teacher below, and tell us why they deserve to be a Homeroom Hero. Whether they’re in person or doing the virtual thing, every week, B-105 will highlight three teachers on air. Follow B on Facebook for teacher spotlights as well! B-105 will randomly choose one teacher to win the grand prize—$1,000 cash plus a $200 Skyline gift card!       Click Here To Nominate A Teacher.

The contest closes November 20, 2020, at 11:59pm!

Danny Chism Nominated His Wife Kristina Chism

teacher chism

Ms. Chism Teaches 1st through 4th special education At the Regional School Program in Cold Spring

We talked with Danny about why he nominated Ms. Chism:

“She goes above and beyond for her students! Kristina has been a teacher at RSP for 4 years now. The school deals with learning/behavioral issues. Try teaching that virtually! She recently won a national grant for horse therapy for her school. Last year she got the school another grant for the art in schools program. She was also instrumental setting up many enrichment activities such as ballet and yoga for the school. I maybe biased because she is my wife but she works very hard for her underprivileged students to provide things they may never be able to do.”

AJ Bess Nominated Ms. Julie Powers

teacher 2

Ms. Powers teaches 9-12 Math at Loveland High School

“I want to nominate Mrs. Powers because she has a life changing impact on me.
In high school I was never a great academic student and I was very lost on what I wanted to do
with my life.  I was never great at math and never really applied myself throughout my
entire academic career.  I met Mrs. Power when I was working in another class and she was
consistent on convincing me to take honors calculus my senior year, HONORS!!.
I thought she was crazy at first but she was persistent and eventually I gave in and tried it.
I have never had a teacher put so much belief in me and work so hard to teach her entire
class the best that she could.  She offered extra time to anyone who needed it and would
never give up on me, nor any of her other students.  She is the most kind hearted and caring
teacher I have ever met.  She takes an interest in her students lives both inside of school and
out.  She inspired me in her class to reach my full potential.
The impact she had on me in her short, 1 semester Honors Calculus class was enough to
inspire me to become a teacher.  I took what I learned in her class and decided to apply
it to my own classroom and inspire kids the way that she inspired me.
I am currently a special education teacher in Westerville, Ohio.
Mrs. Powers has a truly special place in my heart and she definitely has special teaching powers!”

Khloe  Kaeser Nominated Ms. Joani Radcliff

Teacher 3
Ms. Ratcliff Teaches 7th Grade Science at Sunman Dearborn Middle School

"Mrs Radcliff is an amazing science teacher!! 
She gets her students excited about learning and does awesome projects like Newton’s law 
projects and Rube Goldberg machines! She is nice, tells funny stories and really relates 
to the kids!! She makes me like science a whole lot more than I did before her class! 
I live being in her 7th grade science class!"