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B-105.1 Homeroom Heroes 10/1/20: Mr. Wirth, Ms. Heim & Ms. Grooms

Teachers Week 2

Nominate an awesome teacher and they could receive $1,000!

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—their extensive work and impact moves us beyond words. It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our Tri-State’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives!

That’s why we’re bringing you B-105’s Homeroom Heroes thanks to Skyline ChiliCinfed Credit UnionWatson’s and the Ohio Lottery!

Parents and students: Nominate your favorite teacher below, and tell us why they deserve to be a Homeroom Hero. Whether they’re in person or doing the virtual thing, every week, B-105 will highlight three teachers on air. Follow B on Facebook for teacher spotlights as well! B-105 will randomly choose one teacher to win the grand prize—$1,000 cash plus a $200 Skyline gift card! Click here to nominate someone

The contest closes November 20, 2020, at 11:59pm!

Here are three teachers we recognized this week.

Madison Nominated Her Dad Mr. Jon Wirth


He teaches 4th Grade Math, Reading, Language Arts At Grant's Lick Elementary 
We had Madison on to tell us a little about Mr. Wirth.

“I am not one of his students, but his daughter. I know how much hard work my dad has put in for his fourth grade students not only this year, but last year as well when everything first went virtual. He has two more years until he is retiring and he gets thrown into the fire and is mastering it so well! He has been so nervous about having to re-learn how to teach, but he has put in so much hard work and extra work to make sure his students have the resources they need to learn and be the best students they can be! I have had parents of his students from this year and last year message me about how awesome he is doing during this time and his face lights up every time I tell him. His students love having him in class due to the way he teaches and the relationship he has with his students (I swear every time we are in public at least one of his students or a former student comes up to him or even yells, “Mr. Wirth!!!” from across the s tore). People don’t really see the work these teachers put in behind the scenes to get what they need on the screens for the students, and I know Mr. Wirth is putting in several extra hours every night to do what is needed to be the best teacher he can be for his students! Last year when our world turned upside down, he made videos for his students every night with a quick math lesson but also made the video funny so it would engage his students and he got several comments on his videos from students and parents about how they loved those videos and looked forward to watching them every day! (I can provide his most famous video if you would like! Please let me know! It was the night The Last Dance documentary came out and he did a MJ entrance with spotlights and the Chicago Bulls Theme Song! It was awesome!) I mean c’mon the 49 year old made a bitmoji just for his students PowerPoints! Mr. Wirth keep being great!”

Amanda Lundy Nominates Ms. Laura Heim

Laura Heim Teach 2

She Teaches Kindergarten at St. Bernard Elementary

"I want to honor Mrs.Heim because she is a hero in and out of her classroom. 
She cares for all of the students in her school not just the ones in her homeroom. 
She attends their sporting events, concerts, and dance recitals. 
She makes learning fun and always has a smile on her face. 
She is also an amazing person outside of her classroom. 
She is literally giving someone the gift of life by donating her kidney. 
She is teaching and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow, and saving a life by 
organ donation at the same time.  She is a real a real superhero."

Samantha Walker nominated Ms. Rhonda Grooms

Sam Teacher 1

She teaches 11-12 grades in the Health careers and technology Dept. at OVCTC

"I honor this teacher because she works so hard.
I honor the fact that she can handle working several other jobs as well as of teaching. 
She has worked 26 years in the medical field as a health careers and technology class, 
hospital etc.. 
When she teaches she makes sure she teaches us in a way that we will all actually learn. 
She's an amazing teacher and person, I wouldn't want to have any other teacher 
besides her teaching me and my class 
because that's how great of a teacher she really is!!! 
She's beautiful inside and out she's makes the classroom light up everyday 
with her beautiful smile even on her bad days. 
She is such a wonderful person inside and out. 
She puts everybody first before she puts her self first. 
She's is the best teacher I have ever had! 
She's the reason i want to better myself and my learning and push myself to 
do better in life shes motivates me to want to work harder and achieve my goals. 
She's the best role model!!!"