30 heroin overdoses in one day reported in Cincinnati

Dozens of heroin overdoses are being reported in Cincinnati. More than 30 people have overdosed, mostly on the west side of the city. In a statement overnight, police said they were not sure of the exact cause yet and are warning anyone who may be using dangerous drugs to be aware of the increased danger. Three people overdosed in one house and …

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B105 Salute 8/19/16

Little Miami 5th Grade Cheerleaders did today’s salute to the troops. Every weekday morning at 5:50 and 8:50, a Tri-State class, group or organization will salute our military by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s simple to do, too! Just make a recording on your cell phone of the following… “Hi, this is (your name), and today my (class, group) …

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Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge 8/18/16

Steve played today and did not miss a single question.  Ties go to Chelsie so if she missed just one question Steve would win $100. THURSDAY 08/18 1) THIS STAR OF “KING OF QUEENS” WILL BE BACK ON TV THIS FALL ON THE NEW CBS SHOW “KEVIN CAN WAIT”. WHO IS HE? (KEVIN JAMES) 2) ANDY SAMBERG IS CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY …

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