Are Dogs To Blame For Fallen Traffic Pole? – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


In February, at an intersection in Suzuka City, China, An iron Pole with a traffic light, collapsed from the root.  It was a clear sunny day with not much wind.

No one was injured, but the pillar stood for over 23 years, And there are still other similar pillars in the area standing strong.

So the Suzuka Police Scientific Investigation Research Institute investigated the cause of the collapse.

They found some kind of acid had eaten away the base of the pole.

And the ground at the base of the pillar tested 42 times more acidic that the ground around other poles at the same intersection.

For this reason, police officers made on—site observations the area.

They found a dogs obedience school at the end of the street. and every dog walking by repeatedly urinated on the traffic light pole.

After years of dogs marking and re-marking the pole in eventually ate the metal away and the pole fell.

The city is now developing some kind of urine catching protection for the pole, like a doggie urinal.