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An Owl Flew Into A Class (This Is Not A Set-up To A Joke)- Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Ms. Bonnie Warren, a second grade teacher at Central Park Elementary School in Plantation County Florida, Had An owl pay a visit to her classroom.

She posted that students already had been dismissed for the day when the owl flew into her classroom through an open window.

Warren filmed a video of the bird exploring the room

It was a Burrowing Owl

Unlike most other owl species that spend their time in trees, Burrowing Owls live underground!

Believe it or not, these owls will gather the poo of other animals and spread it out like a welcome mat around the entrance to their den.

Then sit back and wait for juicy insects to come to them.

It’s just like ordering a pizza for delivery, hot fresh, and right to the door!

When the kids return to school they will come up with a name for it.

It actually landed on a book titled, Nature’s Show Offs.

And the school’s mascot……….it’s an Owl.