Amanda Valentine’s Goodbye

BIG NEWS! With both sadness and excitement I have have decided to leave the afternoon show at B105.

First, let me say I’m so incredibly grateful for my 5 years at B105. I’m grateful for the City of Cincinnati for welcoming me. I’m grateful for every single person that has ever listened to Amanda & Jesse. And I’m grateful for the entire staff at B105 and Hubbard Broadcasting for supporting me.

If you don’t know, health & fitness is a huge passion of mine. After going through a significant weight loss journey myself, helping others on their own journeys fills my heart in ways I can’t even describe. So, I’ve made the decision to follow my heart and devote my time and energy into helping as many people as possible discover just how life changing a healthy lifestyle can be.

I’m excited to be on the track of becoming a personal trainer and nutrition coach here in Cincinnati, plus I have a meal prep cookbook in the works, trips, new foods, and a LOT more. If you want to still see my weirdness in action every day, you can find me in several places.

You can still listen to me EVERY DAY on my Pound This podcast, find it on any podcasting app or HERE!

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If you know me, you know I’m a risk taker and adventurer. I feel like this is the next adventure. As I’m writing all this, I’m bawling my eyes out. So it’s not easy. But I encourage you to do some soul searching as well.

What fills your cup? Are you living the life you truly want? Because we only get one go at it…ya know? I’d personally rather live with taking the risk and failing. Then live a lifetime thinking “what if?” If you’re reading all this, I hope my leap to do something I believe in encourages you to follow your heart as well.

My time at B105 has been absolutely incredible, and honestly the highlight of my 20 year radio career. I can’t thank you enough for listening, I wish there was a better way to express how truly grateful I am.

I hope if you see me in my pajamas shopping at Kroger, or getting overly-caffeinated in a coffee shop, you’ll say hi. And I hope every time it rains, you’ll hear me screaming in your head, “TURN ON YOUR DANG HEADLIGHTS!”

Thank you, Cincinnati 💗

Amanda Valentine