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A Major Warning For Kia & Hyundai Owners – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Milwaukee is on pace to surpass 10,000 car thefts this year. nearly 30 a day. 

Two-Thirds Of Milwaukee’s Stolen Cars Are Made By Kia Or Hyundai

Dealerships are giving a free “Club” to new car buyers.

That’s more than double last year and nearly triple the total in 2019.

The city is strongly considering suing two automakers whose vehicles account for most of the thefts.

Some cars can be stolen with an app on a phone.

Milwaukee has more car thefts this year than Chicago.

The police department said half of the stolen car suspects are 16 and under.

“Auto thefts are clearly related to reckless driving,”

It’s blamed largely on social media making it a trendy thing to do.

The Milwaukee City Attorney’s Office Monday revealed it’s considering suing Kia and Hyundai under public nuisance laws.

In separate letters to the city, the automakers said they are making engine immobilizers standard equipment starting next year.