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4 Holiday Food Shortages You Should Know About – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

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Some holiday foods are already hard to find on supermarket shelves.

We break down the missing foods in our Big Dave Show Podcast:



Midwest crops are having a tough year! the season’s cranberry crop was projected to be well below average. The U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee predicted that around 4.92 million barrels would be harvested compared to the average of 5.5 million barrels.

Last year more people than ever ate cranberries. Cranberries and cranberry juice soared in popularity as everyone spent more time at home.


Because Americans celebrated Thanksgiving in smaller groups last year, they also opted for smaller turkeys.

There’s a Very High Demand creating a shortage of the smaller birds this year that feed around 10 to 14 people.

The blame, higher corn and grain prices, factory shutdowns due to COVID-19, and a tight labor market.

But the frozen Big Birds should be a plenty.


Minnesota’s Apple Orchards lead the country.

 1 tree typically harvests about 20 bushels of apples per tree. This year, however They’re lucky to get 1 bushel “And some of the trees don’t have any apples at all.”

“Some of it is drought-related and early frost Some of it could be insects like cicadas”


Pumpkin purée was hard to find last year after drier-than-normal conditions forced farmers to plant seeds later than normal.

This year, a fungus is impacting pumpkin plants in Illinois, which supplies the vast majority of canned pumpkin sold nationwide.

Phytophthora blight is a type of vine infection that can harm pumpkins, as well as squash and other vegetables

“If we do not have enough processed pumpkins, we may not have enough canned pumpkin for, let’s say, Thanksgiving,”