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11 Year Old Got 2 Holes-In-One in 1 Round – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Jake Martinez defied insane odds to sink two holes-in-one during one round of Golf.

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The 11-year-old from Tuscon,  On the same day. In the same round. With the same club. Hit 2 hole in ones. On the 5th and 12th holes.

It was a 95 yard and 100 yard shots.

According to the National Hole-In-One Registry, the chances of accomplishing such an insane feat is 1 in 67 million.

Here are some things that are more likely to happen:

  • Being struck by lightning — 1 in 1,222,000
  • Becoming a literal Saint — 1 in 20 million
  • Having identical quadruplets — 1 in 15 million
  • Becoming an astronaut — 1 in 12 million

But it’s still not as hard as winning the Powerball.

  • Odds of winning the Powerball is1 in 292.2 million

Jake finished with a 74 on the day and, unfortunately, could not find another hole-in-one during Round 2and finished 14th place in the tournament.

But Jake was still happy with his amazing day.