Why Women Can’t Resist Rock Stars

jason aldean

Despite the fact that they have heart-breaker written all over them, rock stars are irresistible.

A French study has confirmed what some of us already knew: Women really dig musicians.

 Researchers from the University of South Brittany sent a 20-year-old man to a shopping center, where he asked 300 women for their number. He approached the first 100 holding a gym bag, the next 100 holding a guitar case and the third 100 holding nothing.

Guess which group he had the biggest success rate with?

The women who saw him with a guitar case.

And last place? Sorry, gym rats, but it was the sports bag.

We can only speculate why, but we think it must have something to do with a musician seeming like a gentler, more sensitive and intellectual presence.  That’s why a musician might have come off as less of a threat than your average guy.

Finding comfort in the arms of a rock star is easy to do when you’ve got good-looking men like Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney telling you it will be all right. We’ve spent many a night wrapped up in our iPods believing that the answer to our heartache lies at the end of a Bon Jovi ballad. So it’s no surprise that women fall hard for musicians, especially the troubled ones.

Musicians really ARE sexier: Scientists find that carrying a guitar increases your chance of getting a date by a third