Weight A Minute: Working Around Injuries

Date: 8/1/17

Weight: Down 115 pounds


I’m dealing with a couple injuries, but I’m not letting it slow me down. I’ve been having issues with my knee for a while now, and then last week I pulled my pectoralis minor muscle at the gym (the left side of my chest/arm). So, I took some rest time, but I’ve been at this weight loss game for a while now… I know for me I need to jump right back on track. So, I’ve been up to some different exercises outside of my normal routine!

I hit up a couple spin classes at Cyclebar

I talked my husband into going for a long walk with me this weekend (I bribed him with beer)…

And Sunday my friend Nicki had me try heading up and down all the stairs at Nippert Stadium…

…this is a serious workout! I’m pretty sore 2 days out, but, it was free! And it was fun mixing things up. Also, shameless plug for Nicki’s business that helps women get outside and explore! Explorer Chick…which is also a great workout!

Moral of the story? Injuries don’t always have to stop your progress! You can always find some good work arounds as far as exercise goes. And if you can’t? It’s a good opportunity to retool your diet.

I love silver linings 🙂