Weight A Minute: My Skin Removal Surgery

Date: 5/24/17

Weight: Down 115 Pounds

With a large weight loss comes a lot of loose skin. I’m lucky enough to have had some of that skin removed 2 years ago, and it has made a huge difference for me. I had over 7 pounds of skin removed from my abdomen, which is crazy! That’s, like, the size of a baby!

I know a lot of people worry about the loose skin after weight loss, and I’ll tell you, having loose skin is WAY better than having that extra weight. And even without this surgery, I’d take that extra skin back any day before I’d gain all that weight back. Being healthy is priority #1.

With that being said though, having surgery really helped me visualize all the hard work I put in losing weight. I’d get so discouraged…I felt like I had such a long way to go still, without really taking into account the weight of all that extra skin. I got really good at hiding it. I wore mostly dresses and Spanx. My whole life I had never tucked in a shirt or wore a belt. I was way too self conscience. But having surgery allows me to do those things, and has given me much more self confidence than I ever thought I could have.

When people hear the term “tummy tuck” it has some negative connotations with it. I feel like, if it changes your life and makes you happy with yourself…how can that be bad? You do you!

I’m so incredibly lucky that I met Dr. Lied at Mangat, Holzapfel, & Lied. She made me feel comfortable (I’ve never had any surgery), and ready to go through a very tough surgery and recovery. I don’t regret a single thing. Literally life changing.

I still have loose skin on my legs, arms, & back…I’d say probably another 5-10 pounds worth. But, I can live with that. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come. I’m never going to have the “perfect” body…but nobody does. I still moisturize every day and dry brush just to try to help with loose skin. Whether it really works…I dunno. But it helps mentally 🙂

Here’s the day before my surgery:

And one month after surgery:

And today (literally this morning):

I don’t have a lot of before pictures from the multiple times I hit my peak weight, I deleted them all because I hated looking at them. But, I do have some.

For some perspective, here’s a photo of me after I had already lost 50 pounds:

It’s still a LOT of work. I gained some weight back last year after surgery, and this year I’ve kicked it into high gear to finally hit my goals. If you showed me these photos 5 years ago…I’d NEVER believe it’s me. I didn’t believe in me. I proved myself wrong. If you want anything bad enough, you can get it. You can do it! You really can! I KNOW you can 🙂