Weight A Minute: Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Date: 6/23/17

Weight: Down 115 pounds


Jesse & I took advantage of the longest day of the year Wednesday by taking a road trip from Cincinnati to Denver to see the sunset in the Rocky Mountains. But road trips are usually filled with beef jerky, Corn Nuts, and roller hot dogs. But this gal has goals, so I packed a bunch of healthy snacks for the road.

Got in some fruit…



Cheese from the wheel of cheese Jesse gave me, almond butter, and Ziplock bags with protein powder portions ready to go…



I also made sandwiches. Baked egg whites (in a muffin tin…20 min for 375), cheese, and avocado on an Ezekiel bread English muffin. And cucumber, sprouts, avocado, and mustard on Ezekiel bread. For the record, I’ve never made either of these 2 things before. The egg muffin was good, never got to try the sandwiches.

I also made wraps for Jesse. Chicken, spinach, cheese, and spicy mustard. And, even more fruit.


What I wasn’t planning on was not being able to eat on Facebook Live for 19 hours. So, we both barely ate. I had some grapes, an apple, and an egg sandwich. BUT, I’m glad I was prepared! After that long journey, I needed a beer…



Everything in moderation 🙂

Happy trails!