Weight a Minute: Goals

Weight: Down 103
Date: 3/3/17

It’s always a good idea to have small goals. My goal right now? Lose 7 pounds, get a new pair of fancy yoga pants.

7 more pounds will put me at my lowest weight ever, but it’s still attainable. Looking at losing a giant number is so scary and seems unrealistic. At my biggest weights if I thought about setting my goal at losing 100+ pounds I would just give up then and there. “Yeah right” “There’s no way” “That will take forever”

But, I did hit that goal! With a bunch of mini goals. And rewarding yourself is great motivation…as long as it’s the right reward. I learned a long time ago I had to stop rewarding myself with food. That just made the problem worse and reenforced my emotional eating. When I’m happy or sad, I can’t medicate or celebrate with food, it just leads to trouble.

Some of my goals have been:

  • Go to the gym 5 days a week for a month…get a mani/pedi!
  • Lose 10 more pounds…get a new outfit!
  • Walk 5 miles a day every day…get new tennis shoes!

Stuff like that keeps me motivated, without falling back on my old habits.

My guess is this 7 pounds for me will take at least a month or two. But once a hit it, I’ll be showing off my new yoga pants! 🙂