Weatherman Tim Hedrick Passed Away

tim he

Tim Hedrick, a TV weatherman and meteorologist in Cincinnati since 1988, died Saturday morning after an extended battle with an “elusive” illness.

Local 12’s Rob Braun wrote of Hedrick: “Tim Hedrick was one of the most popular television personalities in the country, and his wife Cindy asked me to tell you she lost her best friend today… Tim has been battling an elusive disease for many years. The worst of the battle has been over the last two months, which is why you haven’t seen him on the air next to me.

“Our Local 12 family is in shock as I am sure you are, as we try to understand this devastating news.”

Braun’s heartfelt post was entitled, “Losing a friend, the passing of Tim Hedrick.”

Click here for Local 12’s moving tribute.