Walker’s latest Fast & Furious is on hold

Paul Walker

The filming of the seventh instalment of the Fast & Furious movie franchise is on hold.

Producer Neal Moritz, who has worked on all of the movies, confirmed that filming has stopped.

Following the death of Paul Walker, who plays Brian O’Conner one of the title characters in the films, Neil was visibly upset

“We are just going to grieve now and deal with that all later,” Neal said when asked by TMZ if the film was going to continue to honor Walker’s memory

Paul died after a Porsche he was passenger in crashed and burst into flames in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles on Saturday.

TMZ has reported that cops had to physically wrestle one of Paul’s friends away from the crash scene seconds after it became clear the actor could not be saved.

“When the fire department arrived they tried to pull Paul’s friends away. One of Paul’s long-time friends, a guy named Nute, was so overwrought with emotion, he punched a fire-fighter,” reports the website.

“We’re told Sheriff’s deputies put Nute and several other of Paul’s friends in custody, but let them go when they realized the circumstances.”

The crash site has also become a danger zone after some devoted fans are paying tribute to the late actor by doing dangerous car stunts at the scene.

Police are now cracking down on any copy-cat behaviour reports TMZ.

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