Walker’s daughter ‘to live with nanny and mom’

Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s daughter has been court-ordered to reside with her mom and a nanny.

The Fast & Furious actor shares 15-year-old Meadow with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros.

In March Paul’s mother Cheryl Walker petitioned the courts asking for legal guardianship of her granddaughter claiming Rebecca suffered from “a drinking problem” and People magazine now reports these proceedings have come to a conclusion.

According to the outlet, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner David J. Cowan dismissed the case after Meadow’s attorney Amy Nieman assured the magistrate in court on Wednesday her client will be adequately cared for by her mother and a live-in nanny.

Nieman said a close friend of Paul’s was appointed by another court to ensure Meadow receives good care and that the late actor’s estate purchased a house for the family to live in.

The lawyer also stated there are “a lot of layers of support for Meadow”, as her mother Rebecca is currently sober.

Paul’s mother Cheryl asked the courts for an official dismissal of her petition for guardianship in April. Apparently the matriarch gave up her bid in honor of her granddaughter Meadow’s wishes.

The Fast & Furious actor died in a fiery car crash last November at the age of 40, and Meadow is his only surviving heir. Paul left his entire $25 million fortune to his teenage daughter.

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