Wahlberg challenges The Rock

Mark Walhberg

Mark Walhberg is in no doubt that Dwayne Johnson will try to “one up him” this summer.

The actors appeared alongside each other in last year’s release Pain & Gain and both have blockbusters out soon. Mark has joined the Transformers franchise in Age of Extinction, while Dwayne appears in Hercules. The men remain good friends, but can’t help a bit of good-natured rivalry cropping up.

“He’s just gonna have to try to one up me this summer with Hercules. I know Dwayne, we have a friendly competition,” Mark told ET Online. “He’s a great guy and he’s usually supportive of me and Michael [Bay, Transformers director].

“If he wants a match, then: ‘Dwayne, you got my number; call me.’”

Shia LaBeouf was in previous Transformers movies, although Mark hasn’t spent much time thinking about that. He knows some people feel intense pressure when they join a franchise that is so well known, but Mark just concentrates on doing the best job he can.

“It’s a fresh new start and a new trilogy. New cast. New threat for the humans as well as the Autobots. So it’s just something different,” he said. “You can’t really think about that sort of pressure. You just got to go in and, you know, if Michael Bay thinks I’m the right guy for the job, I want to deliver for him. If I do that, than I’ve done my job.”

The star was then quizzed on whether he is making a move to become Hollywood’s next big action hero. He played down the claims, insisting he is all about shooting flicks his fans will enjoy.

“There’s so much excitement around these movies. It’s an iconic franchise and people just want to talk about it they want the scoop,” he said.

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