VB ‘worries David will neglect her’

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is reportedly worried about being a “second” priority to David.

The 39-year-old fashion designer and her sportsman husband moved back to London last year with their four kids. After retiring from professional soccer, David is now planning the creation of a 25,000 capacity stadium in Miami.

Victoria is still working hard at her label and is about to launch a London store as well as unveiling a documentary titled Five Years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story.

The brunette beauty is said to fear David will focus more attention on his work than her.

“Victoria hoped when David retired it would mean more time for them, and give him a chance to support her career. But he’s been very busy and she’s worried she could be pushed into second place behind his career,” a source told British magazine Closer.

“Victoria was also a bit anxious about how the documentary would be perceived by the public. It’s been a stressful time for her.”

This Miami deal has also seen David, 38, become the owner of the soccer team. While she is supportive of his ventures and knows it will benefit them as a family, Victoria reportedly can’t help but wonder how it will affect their time together.

“Victoria knows it could be incredible for Brand Beckham. But she’s worried that owning a football team will be a 24-7 job, especially at the beginning, and David is already completely immersed in it,” the source added.”

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