The Wanted’s Bieber collaboration was a ‘let-down’

The Wanted

The Wanted’s collaborative songwriting session with Justin Bieber was “a let-down”.

The boyband consists of Jay McGuiness, Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran.

Although Justin and The Wanted are some of the most popular acts in music, the five members couldn’t come up a successful tune while working with the teenage heartthrob.

“No, no, no,” the artists’ joint manager Scooter Braun admitted to Ryan Seacrest when questioned about them teaming up. “They just did some writing together…that was a let-down.”

The group have been hyping up their upcoming work with Justin, who they toured with.

Now it seems the 19-year-old will not be featuring on The Wanted’s upcoming Word of Mouth album.

The boys released a full version of their new single We Own The Night on Monday.

The track is a typical representation of the band and is sure to get people dancing.

“We love it, it’s sort of a sound people expect from The Wanted,” Jay shared. “Just try to make people get out and party but it’s also got something really traditional about it, very nostalgic.”

The crooners are confident their latest song will be a hit.

The claimed that even those working on the music video didn’t get sick of hearing it replayed and couldn’t help but chime in with a sing-a-long.

“When we shot the video, everyone involved, all the extras, the cast they were all singing along instantly,” Max said. “Which made me feel good.”

The Wanted are experiencing increasing success in the United States despite fierce competition from One Direction.

However the boys recently got into a spot of trouble while roaming the country.

Tom could get a talking to from police after littering with his excrement.

“I am going to try to avoid Colorado right now but if we do go, Tom needs to get $500 ready,” Jay told British newspaper the Daily Mirror.

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