Temple likes ‘trailer trash’ roles

Juno Temple

Juno Temple enjoys playing “trailer trash” because she learns so much from “real” roles.

The 24-year-old catapulted to fame with her part in 2007 British romantic war drama Atonement but has seen a switch in recent years, accumulating credits in racy titles like Lovelace and Afternoon Delight.

“When I was younger, I played a lot of upper-class English girls,” she told Backstage magazine.

“Then I came to America and everyone was like, ‘She’s very believable as trailer trash.'”

While the switch in perception was surprising, Juno took it in stride.

The actress is thankful to have had the luxury of showcasing her versatility rather than being typecast.

“But I’ve been so lucky with the girls I’ve gotten to play, because they are so real, which means that you learn so much playing them,” she continued.

Juno credits her intense curiosity with helping her to develop her skill.

The actress admits the thought of acting school was fleeting and instead she’s made a study of exploring the world.

“I never wanted to go to drama school. I thought that was too many eggs in one basket. I also wanted to go out into the world very quickly. I wanted to smell different things and see different things and taste different things,” she explained.

“I think being in touch with your emotions is very key as an actor, and I think experiencing life is the only way to be in touch with your emotions.”

Juno can next be seen in Alexandre Aja fantasy horror film Horns with Daniel Radcliffe.

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