Taylor Schilling: TV needs to be relatable

Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling grew tired of watching female TV characters she couldn’t relate to.

Prior to being cast in Orange Is the New Black, Taylor reckons that women were represented poorly on the small screen.

However, since Netflix’s smash hit show began airing last year, Taylor thinks there has been a definite shift in perception.

“I’d had enough of seeing female characters on TV who were completely alien to me. It was time to represent women in a different light; audiences were hungry for it and I think that’s why Orange Is the New Black has been embraced,” Taylor told the British edition of Glamour magazine.

Not only did the show launch Taylor’s career on a world-wide scale, it also taught Taylor the realities of prison life.

Set in a women’s prison, the show tells the story of Taylor’s character Piper as she gets sent to jail for a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing former girlfriend.

The show, which has a dark humor to it, has been praised for its accurate depiction of prison life.

“It’s easy to be blind to what’s happening inside our prisons. It’s part of society that remains hidden. Making the show has really opened my eyes,” Taylor revealed.

Season two premiered earlier this month, with 29-year-old Taylor finally having felt like she’s made it as a leading lady.

“Part of me feels like a real actor now. People have seen what I’m doing and they like it. That’s the dream,” she smiled.

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