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Britney Spears: Saldana’s having twins

Britney Spears has revealed Zoe Saldana is having twins.The Star Trek actress landed her breakthrough role in 2002 film Crossroads alongside the singer and the pair have kept in touch after working together.Zoe recently announced she is pregnant for th... Read More »

Zoe Saldana: Budget flicks ground me

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana feels smaller projects keep her "balanced".The actress has enjoyed a great mix of roles including parts in huge blockbusters such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar.Her latest film, crime drama Blood Ties, focuses on the life of two brot... Read More »

Zoe Saldana: Porn makes sex bad

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana says people need to be "uninhibited" if they want a good sex life.The 36-year-old actress got married to Italian artist Marco Perego last year and they are currently expecting their first child together.Zoe has become more at ease as she's ... Read More »

Zoe Saldana recalls childhood

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana found it hard to be friends with girls who were only interested in being pampered.The actress has secured her place as an A-lister thanks to roles in the likes of Avatar, Out of the Furnace and the Star Trek movies.As well as being one of ... Read More »

Chris Pratt had the ‘spirit’ for Guardians

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt felt his spirit was right for his Guardians of the Galaxy character.The American hunk is currently starring in the Marvel Sci-Fi adventure, opposite Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan and Vin Diesel.Chris was desperate to be a part of the feature, a... Read More »

Zoe Saldana: I’m a party pooper

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana has joked that she tends to “wrap” every party she ever goes to.The pregnant actress has been promoting her new movie Guardians of the Galaxy of late. She portrays Gamora in the sci-fi movie, which also stars Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper... Read More »

Chris Pratt’s alien seduction tips

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt would like to see his Guardians of the Galaxy character "seduce" a woman with Lionel Richie's music.The 35-year-old actor plays the role of Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the latest Marvel Comics movie. Although Peter is already pretty smooth wit... Read More »

Zoe Saldana: I was happy alone

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana would have been "fine" taking her "journey" alone.The actress married Italian artist Marco Perego in June last year and her publicist has confirmed Zoe is pregnant, with sources claiming she's carrying twins.Prior to meeting Marco, Zoe was ... Read More »

Dave Bautista: Pratt needs to wrestle

Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista thinks Chris Pratt would make a great WWE wrestler.The wrestler-and-actor stars alongside Chris in their most recent film Guardians of the Galaxy. Out of all of the cast, Dave pinned Chris as the one with the most potential to win in the ... Read More »

Karen Gillan: Shaved head scared people

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan liked "intimidating" people when she shaved her hair off.The Scottish actress takes on the role of feisty villain Nebula in her latest movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which required her to swap her gorgeous red locks in favor of a bald head... Read More »