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Jesse Eisenberg: I don’t know half my phonebook

Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg is surprised by the "excessive numbers" he has on his phone.The 30-year-old actor had his breakthrough role in 2009 movie Zombieland and has gone on to star in films such as The Social Network and Now You See Me. As his popularity grew,... Read More »

Jesse Eisenberg: Dakota is unique

Jesse Eisenberg thinks Dakota Fanning has a "unique seriousness".The 30-year-old actor who found his big break with The Social Network has now teamed up with Dakota, 20, for drama Night Moves.Despite the ten-year age gap, Jesse didn't give his younger ... Read More »

Courtney Love dating producer?

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is reportedly dating Hollywood producer Aaron Sorkin.The 49-year-old rocker is said to be taken by Aaron, who has helped create classic films like The Social Network and Moneyball.According to Page Six, the pair are in a healthy romantic ... Read More »