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B105 Salute 1/5/14

Today’s Salute to the troops comes from the 1st graders at St. Pius the 10th in Edgewood Ky.   Teachers, if you’d like to hear your class on our Salute next it’s pretty simple. Just use your smartphone to record them doing the Pledge of Allegiance and email it to use at Salute@B105.com. Be sure to record an introduction and ... Read More »

B105 Salute 11-11-14

Today’s Salute to the Troops comes from the Veteran’s Day Assembly at White Water Valley Elementary in Harrison. Teachers and Principals we want to hear your class’s Pledge Of Allegiance.  Click this here to find out how.     Read More »

B105 Salute 10/28/14

Thank you Mrs. Brown’s Kindergarten Class at Villa Madonna for today’s Pledge of Allegiance. Parents and teachers, if you would like to share your classes Pledge?  Click here   Read More »

B105 Salute 9-10-14

  Please email Salute@B105.com and tell us about the person in your life who served in the military. va.gov Read More »