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Colin Farrell: I kiss kind people

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell makes it his mission to kiss "kind" people.The Irish actor has a troubled past and checked into rehab for an addiction to painkillers, alcohol and recreational drugs in 2005.He's now sober and has turned his life around by adopting a diff... Read More »

Russell Brand ready to propose?

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is reportedly ready to propose to Jemima Khan.The British comedian has been gushing about how much he loves Jemima, and now friends say he has designed the ring and is ready to pop the question. The couple have been living together in Jem... Read More »

Russell’s porn studies

Russell Brand

Russell Brand learnt everything he knows about sex from porn.The British comedian is known as a ladies' man and was previously married to Katy Perry, but filed for divorce in 2011 after just 14 months.He is now dating writer Jemima Khan but admits it's... Read More »

Brand’s love ‘grounded in friendship’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand says his new relationship is “grounded in friendship”.The 38-year-old British comedian ended his 14-month marriage to Katy Perry in 2011 and he is now with heiress Jemima Khan.Although Russell is a notorious ladies’ man, he claims J... Read More »

Russell Brand’s brittle morals

Russell Brand

Russell Brand only worries about his "brittle personal morality" during his stand-up shows.The British comedian has become more known for starring in Hollywood movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall over the last few years, but still enjoys performin... Read More »

Brand’s lawyer denies cheating claims

Russell Brand

Russell Brand's attorney denied the actor cheated on Jemima Khan in a UK court Monday.The actor, who previously balked at the claims, is suing UK newspaper The Sun for making accusations he slept with glamor model Sophie Coady while dating the heiress ... Read More »

Perry: I don’t bash exes

Katy Perry

Katy Perry doesn't like to "point the finger" at her exes in songs.The 29-year-old is currently promoting her latest album, Prism, and admits the songwriting process can be emotionally wrenching.While she confesses to taking a look at herself and her p... Read More »

Brand banned in South Africa

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has been refused entry to South Africa.The provocative comedian is touring the world performing his latest stand-up show, Messiah Complex.Russell revealed on Twitter Friday morning he had to cancel his sold-out shows in Johannesburg upon ... Read More »

Brand calls for ‘political revolution’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand admits he is “utterly disenchanted by politics”.The outspoken British comedian wrote an essay published in this week’s “revolution” themed edition of political magazine New Statesman.And in the article he gets candid about his t... Read More »

Rihanna ‘helped heal Katy’


Rihanna reportedly acted as Katy Perry's "unofficial therapist" after her divorce.The Roar singer recently opened up about the aftermath of her split from Russell Brand. She revealed she even contemplated suicide after receiving a text message from the... Read More »