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Efron: Tom Cruise is life coach

Zac Efron

Zac Efron views Tom Cruise as a mentor.The 26-year-old Neighbors star shot to fame at an early age, much like Tom, who became a household name at the age of 21 when his hit flick Risky Business was released in 1983.Zac wasn’t even born when Tom becam... Read More »

Rose Byrne: I’m rubbish at romance

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne is trying to get "better" at romance.The 34-year-old star has been with American actor Bobby Cannavale since 2012. They have also appeared on the big screen together since then, one of the projects being Ross Katz's 2014 movie Brother's Keep... Read More »

Seth Rogen: Why I don’t have kids

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller

Seth Rogen and his wife don't want kids right now, because they love their vacations too much.The 31-year-old star married actress Lauren Miller in 2011 after they met filming Da Ali G Show.In his upcoming movie Neighbors he and Rose Byrne play a coupl... Read More »

Byrne on spooky youth

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne was woken up by a drunk intruder when she was a teenager.The actress stars in the creepy Insidious movie franchise, about a family connected to the spirit world.Luckily she has no contact with the dead in real life, but Rose can remember a t... Read More »