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Nick Frost is huge James Franco fan

Nick Frost

Nick Frost hearts James Franco.The British funnyman is busy filming Unfinished Business, which stars James Marsden, Sienna Miller and James' younger brother Dave.When Empire magazine asked Nick to recount the last movie that surprised him, he picked on... Read More »

Simon Pegg: Twitter is the future

Simon Pegg thinks his Twitter gets more readers than some newspapers.The British actor has entertained fans with comedies such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz for years and in 2009 he joined the social networking site, so they could get more of his c... Read More »

Nick Frost recalls gaming days

Nick Frost

Nick Frost's "gaming life" ended when he became a dad.The actor is best known for starring alongside Simon Pegg in comedies such as Hot Fuzz, Paul and The World's End.He used to be partial to spending a few hours on computer games, naming Gran Turismo ... Read More »

Rashida Jones: I was heavy but funny

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones turned to comedy because she was on the "heavy side" as a pre-teen.The Parks and Recreation actress is currently starring in Cuban Fury, which is another comedy string to add to her bow.Recalling her childhood, Rashida says it was her bod... Read More »