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Gerard Way: I felt alienated after MCR split

Gerard Way

Gerard Way had "weird interactions with strangers" following the split of My Chemical Romance.The 37-year-old rocker fronted the pop punk band from 2001 until last year, when he and band mates Frank Lero, Ray Toro and brother Mikey went their separate ... Read More »

Gerard Way talks depression

Gerard Way

Gerard Way was severely depressed in the wake of My Chemical Romance's breakup. The emo band announced their split in 2013 and left fans distraught. But frontman Gerard Way was also left feeling low and admits it's the most down he's ever been. "Doing ... Read More »

Mikey Way: I grieved for MCR

Mikey Way

Mikey Way felt like someone had died when My Chemical Romance came to an end.As the band's bass player, Mikey saw firsthand how monumental their career was - it spanned 12 years from their formation in 2001.For 33-year-old Mikey it was more than just a... Read More »

Pete Wentz: MCR are major

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz knew that My Chemical Romance were a band to watch out for from the get go.The Fall Out Boy bassist is a huge fan of the rival band, fronted by singer Gerard Way, and favors their second album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.Pete didn't hesit... Read More »