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Kate Bosworth: My future kids will be funny

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth thinks motherhood will be "tough".The 31-year-old actress married director Michael Polish in August last year after a 12-month engagement. As they approach their first anniversary, the couple are beginning to think about expanding their f... Read More »

Kate Bosworth loves husband’s mind

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is attracted to her husband because he's "intriguing".The 31-year-old beauty met director Michael Polish in 2011 when they worked together on drama Big Sur. They married in August last year and the star revealed what drew her to the 43-ye... Read More »

Bosworth treasures love letters

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth collects love notes from her husband.The actress is married to director Michael Polish, who she met on the set of Big Sur back in 2011. Kate revealed her spouse’s romantic side when quizzed on what she likes to keep close.“I like coll... Read More »

Bosworth enjoys ‘wild ruggedness’

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth was blown away by the “wild ruggedness” of central California.The 30-year-old stars in Big Sur, a movie which shares its title with a town on the Golden State’s coast.Her husband Michael Polish directed the film and Kate shares the ... Read More »

Kate recalls first meeting with husband

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth instantly knew she would work with Michael Polish “forever”.The couple met on the set of new movie Big Sur back in 2011 after the director cast Kate as Billie in the film based on the 1962 Jack Kerouac novel.They got engaged a year la... Read More »

Bosworth marries

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth has married Michael Polish.The actress and director tied the knot in Philipsburg, Montana, on Saturday. The ceremony was held at The Ranch at Rock Creek, with the nuptials taking place outside.According to Us Weekly, between 50 and75 of t... Read More »

Bosworth: Fiancé completes me

Michael Polish and Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth and her fiancé “just clicked” as soon as they met.The 30-year-old American actress is currently engaged to film director Michael Polish, who at the age of 42 is over a decade her senior.The star is amazed by how well they communicate... Read More »

Kate Bosworth’s ‘country wedding’

Michael Polish and Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth will reportedly tie the knot in a "country-style wedding" this month.The 30-year-old actress and fiancé Michael Polish announced their engagement last summer.The pair - who have been dating since 2011 - are allegedly gearing up to celebr... Read More »