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Kate Hudson says no to Speedos

Kate Hudson hates Speedos.The blonde actress isn't opposed to small swimwear herself, but when it comes to the opposite sex she cannot abide tiny trunks.Talking to the British edition of Esquire magazine, 35-year-old Kate has come up with a list of do'... Read More »

Kate Hudson: I had musical aspirations

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson wanted to be a musician but her songs were too "depressing".The 35-year-old has starred in films such as Bride Wars and My Best Friend's Girl and was even nominated for an Oscar for her part in 2000's Almost Famous.She's been with her rocke... Read More »

Kate Hudson fumes about paps

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson looks at the paparazzi and “mentally cuts their heads off".The Almost Famous actress talked about her ex-boyfriends, plastic surgery and negative experienced with photographers in the June issue of InStyle magazine.Kate, 35, posed in a bi... Read More »

Kate Hudson: Happiness is hard work

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson believes you have to work at happiness.Despite her successful acting career and her relationship with rock star fiancé Matthew Bellamy, with whom she has two-year-old son Bingham, Kate admits that at times she finds venting her anger is a ... Read More »

Hudson and Bellamy’s ‘rough patch’

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy reportedly “took a step back” from their relationship in effort to save it.The couple have been dogged with rumors of a split after Kate was spotted out and about without her engagement ring on.But apparently Kate an... Read More »

Hudson’s ‘unconventional family’

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson feels empowered by her “unconventional family”.The 34-year-old Bride Wars actress is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, however she lovingly calls Goldie’s partner of 31 years Kurt Russell dad.Kate is currently engaged to Mu... Read More »