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Lily James: Cate is cool

Lily James thinks Cate Blanchett is "everything you want her to be and more".The 25-year-old actress stars alongside the screen icon in upcoming movie Cinderella, in which Lily takes on the title role. She rose to prominence in period drama Downton Abb... Read More »

Lily James: Dame Maggie gives me tips

Lily James

Lily James has learned how to deal with boredom from Dame Maggie Smith.The 25-year-old actress has starred in Downton Abbey since 2012. For the young star, the chance to work alongside double Oscar winner Dame Maggie Smith has been a daily education."I... Read More »

Lily James on Downton breakdown

Lily James

Downton Abbey's Lily James had "breakdowns" when she first joined the show.The 24-year-old actress plays Lady Rose MacClare in the popular period drama, which also stars Michelle Dockery and Dame Maggie Smith.Being the new girl among such an establishe... Read More »