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Lily Allen’s antics ‘tire stars’

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is apparently boring other celebrities by being confrontational.The singer is known for being outspoken and often writes lyrics about A-listers she doesn't get along with. Her official website included a search engine, which has now been rem... Read More »

Lily Allen’s ‘confusing’ album

Lily Allen

Lily Allen had “no idea” what she was trying to say on her latest album.The Air Balloon singer released Sheezus this week and it has started to be reviewed by critics. But after one music journalist made a remark about her not knowing what she want... Read More »

Lily Allen’s ‘weird co-dependencies’

Lily Allen

Lily Allen confesses she often relies on “weird co-dependencies” in relationships.The 29-year-old Hard Out Here singer regularly seeks therapy to deal with emotional and mental issues.Lily believes she needs counseling in order to keep herself from... Read More »

Lily Allen’s feelings of isolation

Lily Allen

Lily Allen was "shocked" by how pregnancy affected her friendships.The 28-year-old singer has daughters Ethel and Marnie with husband Sam Cooper, who she married in June 2011.Prior to becoming a parent Lily was known for her wild lifestyle and party an... Read More »

Lily Allen challenged by Jourdan Dunn

Lily Allen

Jourdan Dunn has attacked Lily Allen on Twitter for mentioning "ugly kids" in a song.The British singer's controversial Sheezus album is released today and on track Insincerely Yours she mentions Jourdan, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. The 23-year-model... Read More »

Debbie Harry: Iggy’s always twerked

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry thinks risqué shows are “par for the course” because Iggy Pop has been “twerking for most of his career”.The Blondie frontwoman has given her views on the state of modern music. She was quizzed about the sexed up images pop stars ... Read More »

Lily Allen slams music piracy

Lily Allen

Lily Allen thinks the increase in music piracy has lead to the decline of risk taking in the record industry.The outspoken British singer's latest album Sheezus hits the shelves tomorrow, coinciding with her 29th birthday. She's already received backla... Read More »

Lily Allen: I missed the freebies

Lily Allen

Lily Allen launched her comeback because she missed “free clothes and posh restaurants”.The British pop star is back with her new album Sheezus, which comes several years after she announced she was quitting music. The mother-of-two confesses that ... Read More »

Allen’s baby grief

Lily Allen

Lily Allen says she never got over losing her first baby with husband Sam Cooper.The singer was six months pregnant when she suffered a miscarriage in 2010. According to Lily, the tragedy is something she has never come to terms with.“It was horrendo... Read More »

Lily Allen’s ‘weird pregnancy music’

Lily Allen

Lily Allen says she wrote “terrible weird music” while pregnant.Before the release of her latest album Sheezus, the 28-year-old took a break from music to have daughters Ethel, two, and Marnie, 15-months, with her husband Sam Cooper. And Lily confe... Read More »