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Swift most charitable star

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been named the most charitable star of 2013.The 24-year-old country music darling topped the list from DoSomething.org called Celebs Gone Good for the second year running. Editors cited Taylor's work at the Winter White Gala in London,... Read More »

Amy Adams’ lipgloss lip lock

Amy Adams

Amy Adams looked like a "popsicle had melted" over her face after kissing Jennifer Lawrence.The actresses are currently promoting their new movie American Hustle, in which their characters lock lips in one scene. Amy has joked that the pair got so carr... Read More »

JLaw: Maid found my sex toys

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was left mortified when her maid found a collection of sex toys in her bedroom.The actress claims she was presented with a “copious amount” of raunchy items while promoting her new movie American Hustle. Jennifer decided to stash ... Read More »

J-Law’s pap cure

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence drank "wine and vodka" to relax after first being mobbed by paparazzi.The 23-year-old actress soared to fame after landing a role in popular franchise The Hunger Games.Although she gained an Oscar nomination for her 2010 movie Winter'... Read More »

Fey: We’re the new Olsen twins

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Tina Fey has compared herself and Golden Globes co-host Amy Poehler to the Olsen twins.The former 30 Rock star has worked with Amy since 2001 when they both starred on NBC show Saturday Night Live.The duo are hosting the Golden Globes on January 12 and... Read More »

Oprah’s amazement

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has expressed her disbelief at being nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.This year the media goddess made her return to the silver screen after a 15-year absence in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which tells the true story of a White Ho... Read More »

Amy Adam’s toxic kiss

Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence

Amy Adams says her on-screen kiss with Jennifer Lawrence was more “toxic” than sexy.The 39-year-old actress stars alongside Jennifer, as well as Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale, in upcoming thriller American Hustle.The kiss between the two leadin... Read More »

JLaw ‘allergic to attention’

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is “allergic” to flatterers.The 23-year-old Academy Award-winning actress doesn’t like to be singled out for being successful.The star finds it odd interacting with people who are constantly sucking up to her."I just get allergi... Read More »

Miley ‘mad with JLaw’

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is reportedly "mad as hell" with Jennifer Lawrence.Jennifer hit the headlines after expressing her disgust that "young sex sells" recently, which was taken as a pot shot at Miley who is famed for twerking and wearing skimpy outfits.Miley sp... Read More »

JLaw and Hoult ‘to elope’

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are reportedly planning to elope.The two stars rekindled their romance earlier this year following a brief split and have apparently decided they can't be apart. Nicholas is already rumored to have proposed to the 2... Read More »