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Brand and Khan ‘split’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has reportedly split from Jemima Khan.The British comedian started dating the journalist in September of last year.But new reports suggest the couple have already called it quits, going as far as to unfollow each other on Twitter.“The r... Read More »

Brand ‘not writing about love life’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand reportedly wants to focus on “important issues” other than his love life.The 39-year-old British comedian began dating activist-and-heiress Jemima Khan last year after undergoing a highly publicized divorce from pop star Katy Perry.Ru... Read More »

Ashley Roberts’ Russell Brand fantasy

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts feels like she’s on a “spiritual plane” with Russell Brand. The gorgeous singer-and-dancer is currently believed to be single and is on the lookout for a suitable partner. She’s got her eye on the British comedian, who is current... Read More »

Russell Brand ‘ready to start family’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand's reported "priority" is having children.The comedian started dating journalist Jemima Khan in September last year. The couple sparked wedding rumors last week when Jemima was photographed wearing a ring on her engagement finger and sourc... Read More »

Russell Brand’s V-Day plans

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is apparently going to impress Jemima Khan with a candlelit ferry ride.The wild-haired funnyman will be in the British city of Liverpool this weekend as part of his Messiah Complex tour, but doesn't want to miss out on spending his first ... Read More »

Russell Brand ready to propose?

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is reportedly ready to propose to Jemima Khan.The British comedian has been gushing about how much he loves Jemima, and now friends say he has designed the ring and is ready to pop the question. The couple have been living together in Jem... Read More »

Brand’s love ‘grounded in friendship’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand says his new relationship is “grounded in friendship”.The 38-year-old British comedian ended his 14-month marriage to Katy Perry in 2011 and he is now with heiress Jemima Khan.Although Russell is a notorious ladies’ man, he claims J... Read More »

Russell Brand flirty with fans

Russell Brand

Russell Brand kissed several female fans over the weekend after claiming he is "single".The British comedian was recently linked to writer and campaigner Jemima Khan.However he surprised his audience in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday when he confirmed h... Read More »

Brand ‘dismissed by new love’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand's new girlfriend apparently turned him down five times before agreeing to a date.The British comic is currently dating Jemima Khan, who previously romanced Hugh Grant. It has been claimed that Russell started pursuing Jemima in June but s... Read More »

Kate Moss ‘gives love advice’

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has reportedly advised Russell Brand's new girlfriend to be careful.The British supermodel is close friends with writer and campaigner Jemima Khan, who is currently dating the comedian.After Russell openly commented about his short-lived marr... Read More »