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JT to open Moroccan music fest

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake will open Morocco’s 13th Mawazine World Rhythms Festival. The 33-year-old Suit & Tie singer will mark his inaugural performance in the North African country on May 30, according to Variety.The outlet reports Justin will take the mic... Read More »

Derülo plays down V-Day gesture

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo got Jordin Sparks 10,000 roses for Valentine's Day as he wanted to "tone it down a bit".The two singers have been dating for around two years and Jason is known for his flamboyant displays of affection, having bought his 24-year-old girlf... Read More »

Sparks ‘addicted to gaming’

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks “got a little addicted” to her Nintendo.The 24-year-old singer confesses she has been entertaining herself with video game Animal Crossing quite frequently lately.The star finds herself playing almost all the time.“I’ve been playi... Read More »

Derülo reflects on his 2013 comback

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo learnt to "trust his gut" this year.The singer was forced to take time off work and cancel his Future History Tour in 2012 when he broke one of his vertebrae during rehearsal.In 2013 he came back with a bang, introducing new album Tattoos... Read More »

Derülo: I can’t cook

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo was left "confused" when he tried to cook rice.The singer is dating Jordin Sparks, who he's penned songs for. It's a good job he can impress her with his musical prowess as his culinary skills leave more than a little to be desired."I'm t... Read More »

Derülo: Mom’s a hip-hop dancer

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo spent his birthday watching his mom dance to 2 Chainz.The singer celebrated his 24th birthday earlier this month and decided to take a trip to Las Vegas with his friends and family.It seems the star's mother had a particularly good time p... Read More »

Jason Derülo jealous of Jordin’s film kiss

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo “cringed” when he saw Jordin Sparks smooch another man in a film.The two singers have been dating for well over a year and have already spoken about marriage. Although their relationship is serious and committed, Jason can’t help ge... Read More »

Derülo was ‘hardcore’ drinker

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo drank "hardcore" before his accident last year.The Other Side hitmaker suffered a fractured neck while rehearsing for his Future History Tour shows in 2012.The horrific incident, which almost left him paralyzed, forced him to cancel the p... Read More »

Jason Derülo wants video ban

Jason Derülo

Jason Derülo would be proud to have a video banned from YouTube.The singer is known for producing sexy tracks and the promo for his latest song with 2 Chainz, Talk Dirty, has been deemed 'Not Safe for Work' (NSFW).The joke label warns people off watch... Read More »