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Grant ‘mortified by family revelations’

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is said to be "mortified" that people are talking about his children.The 53-year-old actor was recently reported to have fathered his third child, a 16-month-old son born to Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein, in September 2012. Alo... Read More »

Jamie Dornan: I’m no Hugh Grant

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan is worried his English accent is so bad Hugh Grant will be dubbed over him in his new TV show.The Northern Irish actor stars in a British historical drama called New Worlds, and is mainly confident about the voice he adopted for it. Howeve... Read More »

Grant ‘has third lovechild’

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is reportedly the father of another lovechild.The actor already has two children – Tabitha Xaio Xi, born in September 2011, and Felix Chang, born in September 2012, both with Tinglan Hong.And now the star allegedly fathered his third child... Read More »

Brand ‘dismissed by new love’

Russell Brand

Russell Brand's new girlfriend apparently turned him down five times before agreeing to a date.The British comic is currently dating Jemima Khan, who previously romanced Hugh Grant. It has been claimed that Russell started pursuing Jemima in June but s... Read More »