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Neil Patrick Harris marries

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has married his long-time partner.The 41-year-old actor and David Burtka have been an item for ten years and have fraternal twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott, three, together.They have now finally tied the knot and the actor share... Read More »

Jason Segel: Hollywood is so competitive

Jason Segel

Jason Segel never feels like he's winning in the movie industry.The 34-year-old actor made a name for himself as Nick Andopolis on '90s TV show Freaks and Geeks, which also starred James Franco and Seth Rogen. He has since gone on to find film stardom ... Read More »

Jason Segel: Nudity was ill-advised

Jason Segel

Jason Segel thought his mom would laugh about seeing him naked on screen.The 34-year-old actor isn't shy about baring his body for a joke and gave the audience a full frontal view in 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He didn't warn his mother Jilli... Read More »

Neil Patrick Harris: I need stimulus

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris isn't designed to stay still.Since the American actor finished the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother earlier this year, he's gone on to star in a Broadway show and a box office smash hit.His turn in Hedwig And The Angr... Read More »

Neil Patrick Harris: I’m vitamin rich

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has a trick for kissing a lot of people and staying healthy. The How I Met Your Mother actor is currently performing in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. The 40-year-old star took home the Tony Award for best actor in a musical... Read More »

Neil Patrick Harris’ hard hat

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris covered his modesty with a hat for his Rolling Stone shoot because he had an erection.The How I Met Your Mother star appeared nude on the cover of the May edition of Rolling Stone magazine, using just a top hat to protect his nether... Read More »

Neil Patrick Harris’ Twitter traits

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris feels he can't be as "critical" on Twitter now he's become so popular.The 40-year-old actor is a much-loved user of the social networking site, with over 8.5 million followers. While he loves to keep fans up to date with his antics,... Read More »

Katie Holmes in ‘new romance’

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes supposedly has a new love in her life.The actress is rumored to be romancing 34-year-old comedian Jason Segel. The actor dated her former Dawson’s Creek co-star Michelle Williams from 2012-2013, but apparently this hasn’t stopped Katie... Read More »

Smulders sobbed at HIMYM ending

Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders cried "puddles of tears" before filming the last episode of How I Met Your Mother.The 31-year-old actress plays Robin Scherbatsky in the hit TV show, which is coming to an end after 208 episodes. Starring alongside her in the sitcom were... Read More »

Cranston going back to comedy

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is returning to How I Met Your Mother.The award-winning actor is to reprise his role as Hammond Druthers on the TV show, following the end of his programme Breaking Bad. Hammond is the loathed former boss of Ted, played by Josh Radnor, w... Read More »